Saturday, January 7, 2012

How Do I Live With This Disease?

How do I live with this disease?  I am constantly asking myself this question as I live my life literally from moment to moment.  Like an old broken record it plays over and over, never relenting or subsiding.  Without sympathy, it marches down a path preordained by fate.  It takes no prisoners, leaving in its wake, the remnants of hope and optimism that I once had in such abundance, when my life's journey begin.  I have said it before, Parkinsons Disease is a disease of inches, and those of us who share this affliction earn every inch.  

It is not the disease that binds us. What we share in common is PD's sheer relentlessness and its complete lack of forgiveness.  It never backs up, and it never gives in.  

But the human spirit is strong and formidable in it own right.  Maybe it holds the answers to why we struggle, and maybe there we will find the answer to living with this disease.